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About me

Koi pond, Provincetown, Massachusetts

My Medium

Turtle cleaning station, Maui, Hawaii

Digital Art allows for photography, drawing, and painting to merge into a single piece of art, sometimes so recognizable with a photograph as the original of the piece, and some so painted or abstract that the photography can't be seen.

Lost Dutchman Mine State Park, Arizona

My Inspiration

I have digitized my favorite old photographs and slides, but they don't compare in quality to the digital photos obtainable with even basic digital cameras today. Thus, I start with a lifetime of photographs to choose from. I choose a photograph that is interesting to me, because of topic, colors, or contrast. I focus in on the area I'd like to draw or paint and import it into the program Art Rage. I decide on the medium(s) to use and start drawing/painting. Some pieces take hours to complete, others take weeks. Dedicating myself to the smallest details in a piece of art is akin to meditation, as it takes little thought, and eases the restless mind. Images have multiple layers allowing use of varied pens and paint. Water colors and oil based paints can be mixed in this manner, allowing a variety of textures. Sometimes, the photographs speak for themselves, and are included since they tell their own story.

I'm a Radiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and a Professor at Harvard Medical School. I have edited the textbook Rumack and Levine Diagnostic Ultrasound (editions 4-6) and the book Atlas of Fetal MRI. I have been a long-time photographer, and was slow to give up my slide film that I knew so well. However, as digital cameras kept getting better and as digital art methods became easier to use, I morphed into a new way to think about art and photography, mixing the genres. I am a self-taught artist, using ArtRage and my own photography. My art follows themes nature, flowers, and family.

Camping in Big Sur and working in the Sierra Mountains during my youth gave me a great appreciation for nature. When I moved to the East Coast, I made sure I had flowers of every color coming up in my garden at different times of spring, summer, and fall. With work, I have traveled the world teaching different aspects of my specialty in ultrasound. I thus have thousands of favorite photographs to work from. Of course, watching children grow up brings a personal aspect to my digital art, but only the most generic images are on this site.

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